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Name Change and a New Movie

2009-04-28 21:17:46 by RazorHawk

Yeah, yesterday I got a username change (at last), swapping "NeoPikachu" out for "RazorHawk." I felt the change was needed considering at 27, it probably would seem ridiculous to still be walking around on a site like this with a name like that. Plus if I ever get around to submitting content with my own created characters/whatnot and I'd really want it to take off, I'd be using a name with a copyrighted character. May sound like paranoia to you, but after fighting a traffic ticket, I'd like to stay out of further legal trouble, thank you very much. That being said, I'm glad I finally got this done after many long years.

Meanwhile, I'm working on another Flash, something to submit after many long years of having nothing (my last solo project was way back in May, 2005) besides a few collab parts. Not sure how many people remember the All NG Fads Die series from several years back, but I was a part of that group until everything got frozen with AFD6, which ultimately did make it to completion, but wasn't submitted (Radioactive24 told me something to extent that he was waiting for more parts, but I have no idea whatever became of that). Still, I stopped waiting for that years ago and just decided make my own stuff. Plus I'm interested to see how well a solo movie of mine would score after all these years.

So, currently I'm working on a Flash called Pokémon: War is Hell, which yes, is another Pokémon related Flash movie, but with blood and firearms (like what I usually have in my collab parts). Some people may like it, others might hate it, but I'll try my best to make sure there's at least something in there that anyone could get a kick out of, Pokémon fans and haters alike. I'd submit an Alpha, but already its over 1MB, so no sense it doing that (not to mention I doubt a whole lot of people would even notice it there). Also, I really couldn't give a time estimate as to when this will be done. Working full time makes it tough, and I hate pressuring myself to meet deadlines. I get enough of those at work.

With that said, I haven't died out of NG all this time, just hibernating. But I'm back.



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2009-04-30 03:57:32

It's nice to see that you're back! I don't think it's ridiculous to keep going around as "Neo Pikachu". I personally liked it. Hmm... well it's interesting how you're trying to bring a dark feel to a Pokemon flash movie. I look forward to seeing it!

BTW, do you have Pokemon Platnium? I was wondering if when I get the game if we can play in an online match together?

RazorHawk responds:

Yep, so far, its coming out pretty good. I think people will get a kick out of it. I've just been really busy lately, and progress on it really depends on my weekends. As for the name, I just like this one better. To me, it feels more like a fresh start without being constricted to solely making Pokémon Flash.

I have Diamond, which I've barely played, but that's about it. Never really did get into that one. I found Ruby, Gold, and Blue were way more addicting. Especially Gold. Gold was awesome. :)


2009-05-02 10:50:48

Wow, I thought I was old!

RazorHawk responds:

Check out Wade. He's 31 and I'm only 27.

Besides, 5 years doesn't change very much. Trust me.


2009-05-25 10:56:01

Alphas don't work anymore. They stopped working years ago.
I suggest you make a few test animations like I did. One of them is on my account.

RazorHawk responds:

Yeah, I figured something was up when they weren't changing.

My problem with most of the Flashes I make are the fact I intend for them to be really long. Short but sweet is the way to go here.


2009-05-25 13:37:01

I procrastinate like hell. I once got a 7-8 minute flash done in 6-7 months. It was a big on and off project.

RazorHawk responds:

Not surprised. From what I've seen, stick with making really awesome Flashes, but keep them short for ease. Most Flashes aren't scored on length, but the actual material itself. Some I've seen only last a minute and a half long, but end up getting 4.2+.


2010-04-03 15:35:16

I love pokemon and your work ps: I have every pokemon game in the unaverse becuse my uncle makes them